Resisting the F5 urge

If I were to track my laptop keystrokes, I think the F5 key would certainly rank as one of the most used. Even I would likely be surprised — perhaps disgusted — by the amount of time that I’ve spent hitting F5 to refresh my Facebook news feed or to see if there are new postings on Reddit and other news sites. And on most occasions, I’m left unsatisfied because F5 failed to bring me anything significantly new.

Just a few days ago, as our family went around the room declaring our new year’s resolutions, I promised to wake up and go to bed each with my back feeling both flexible and healthy. And while satisfying that promise will require a good bit of exercise and the discipline to get up out of my office chair on a regular basis, I think resisting the F5 urge may truly be the key to honoring this year’s resolution.