It’s on us

After reading Dave Lindorff’s article Obama and Progressive Change, I’m forced to ask myself: What is it about Obama that I think is so different from politics as usual?

It’s not the man himself or where his personal politics fall. Lindorff is right that we don’t know a lot of details about Obama. What makes him unique and magnetic in his leadership is how he’s decided to run his campaign. He’s the only candidate who consistently focuses the responsibility for change directly upon the people of this country. Just listen to his speeches. He is really asking for us to become participants in change — to return our country to a place of respectability and honor in the world.

He knows that one person cannot change a system that been so innately corrupted. But mobilize millions, and you just may make a difference. Yes, in many ways his campaign fits traditional standards. To gain the nomination, he must ask us for our money and our vote.

But the reason why I have embraced Obama is because he has asked me for more than my vote and my money. He has called me, and millions of other Americans, to live up to our own responsibility in changing this country from the ground up.