Real change?

How long does one have to exhibit changed behavior until it’s considered real change? I was just wondering that tonight — because for three weeks, our house has been in “parent visit” condition without the usually necessary threat of imminent visitation. Dishes have been done and clutter picked up daily. Things are slowly but surely finding logical, efficient and permanent homes in and about the house. It’s almost as if some switch went on in the whole family (yes, even the kid is pitching in) and we’ve suddenly realized that our house is a lot more comfortable and less frustrating if we just take a little time each day to clean and organize. Why this took us nearly 15 years of marriage and 5 1/2 years of parenthood to realize, I have no good explanation. But it’s obvious that our “intolerance of mess” orbits have finally coincided, and we’re on a path toward a significantly less cluttered existence.

Just in time for the new living room furniture to arrive next week. 😉

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