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Skychasing | 03.18.18
Skychasing | 03.14.18
Skychasing | 03.09.18
Skychasing | 03.09.18
Skychasing | 03.08.18
Skychasing | 03.07.18
Intention ... every ... single ... day
Skychasing | 03.06.18
Honoring our past, fueling our future
Skychasing | 03.04.18
Skychasing | 03.03.18
Stealing back the week


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I’m a 40-something, Connecticut-bred and Illinois-planted divorced dad, tech leader, photographer, writer, gardener, skychaser, political junkie, waxing philosopher, and aspiring foodie. I write to exhale and provide a real glimpse of me and the world through words and images. This site is an inherently personal endeavor that strives to connect with you along your path to personal authenticity, peace, and fulfillment.